Working at Holzweiler for one semester and also some freelance has taught me a lot! I’ve been working with some of Scandinavia’s best creative minds (in my opinion), and I’ve been working with not only graphic design, but also social media and art direction! Learning about these fields has been super rewarding and I see the value of knowledge about social media and art direction for graphic designers.
While working at Holzweiler I’ve been running their Instagram account . Here I have contributed to planning the Instagram feed and also designing the posts. This has taught me a lot about social media for exclusive brands and fashion. Having knowledge about social media strategies, and how to combine building a brand and selling products has been valuable. I’m sure I will use this knowledge in the future!
I have also worked with adds, newsletters, gifs, photo editing, printed cards, and gained a lot of experience in programs such as Figma and Adobe premier.
I’ve also contributed in a lot of exiting workshops, meetings, photoshoots ect where my opinions always has been heard, and great ideas and design solutions has come to life.

This video shows some of my designs for Holzweiler's social media profiles.

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